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Chat with Dr. B - EDM | Hip hop Musician and Forensic Psychologist

June 02, 2022 Mel Golding
Facing Mel's Music
Chat with Dr. B - EDM | Hip hop Musician and Forensic Psychologist
Facing Mel's Music
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Show Notes

A fascinating conversation with the lovely Dr B. 

A Canadian musician and forensic scientist who talks us through his brand new music project involving the story of giants and dragons and journeys on ships in a mythical tone with battles underwater. A concept that evolved over time culminated into an audio film experience. A visual album written and produced by the talented Dr B. His intentions are for the listeners to feel the holistic experience through visual and audio content.  Narrators and actors have been working on this project for eighteen months. 

Dr B has 10,000 listeners a month on Spotify. He used to be in the old music biz in the early 2000s and talks about his break from the music industry with a dislike for the music biz in general. He had distribution deals with Warner Brothers and ran his own record label. Quote "Now you can do what you want to and not deal with the old ways of the music business". The new business gives a direct link to your audience!

Dr B talks about being realistic as he knows what to expect. The worries of false expectations are not in his vocabulary. "You don't put out a song and get an immediate million streams". This insightful artist talks about the importance of consistency when releasing music and gaining the trust of fans. He advises how to build a fanbase and how to be a serious artist with long term consequences. "Be motivated by your own music", this legendary musician from the past has made a come back after his break and talks about the fakeness of people who were interested in him for his fame and fortune rather than him as a person. 

Owning a record label gave Dr. B plenty of experience in the music industry. He reflects on the complications of drugs and addictions with artists under his wing. Honest reflections of hip hop artists and the bizarre attitudes of some who crossed all boundaries, as a record label he fired all his artists for the disrespect!

His interest in psychology goes beyond anxiety and depression. He’s motivated by the "crazy of the crazy, and the worst of the worst". Sociopathic behaviours fascinate dr. B as he pursues his studies in the field researching extremist behaviours. He will go into a PhD in forensic psychology. Dr. B and his wife own a mental health clinic in Ontario. 

This dedicated musician and solid person believes in studying and self-development wanting to give to the world. An inspiration to his children he demonstrates the importance of being the best version of yourself. Work hard and make sacrifices for the grades you want, Dr. B believes in education academically. He believes strongly in implementing work ethics, as eventually they are reflected in the results.

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