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Chat with Soneakqua J. White - Mental Strength Strategist

July 30, 2022 Mel Golding
Facing Mel's Music
Chat with Soneakqua J. White - Mental Strength Strategist
Facing Mel's Music
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Show Notes

From counsellor to counsellor! 

An enlightening chat with the wonderful Soneakqua J. White. Covering topics about faith, purpose and meaning, Soneakqua shares her work largely related to artists and musicians. Her work extends to assisting high-end Ministers as they have responsibilities to the people who follow their word.  Throughout this podcast, she reveals how she helps clients discover their gifts, often described as 'buried gifts'. Soneakqua goes 'undercover' to help people discover their inner artist selves leading them to their true paths. 

Creatives and ministers are drawn to this gifted lady who, without a shadow of a doubt, has a pure soul. Soneakqua released her book ‘A Time to Heal’ and explains how this reflects her calling, now beneficial to others who are experiencing the same. Her need to heal family issues shifted throughout the making of this book as she discovered a process for healing others. Her book ‘Red Flag’ is trauma-related, offering insights to recognise the triggers.

Soneakqua has courses you can attend and read about via her website. She tells an amazing story of encountering her angels who saved her life as a car accident was about to happen but didn't!

 Tune in to listen!

‘Coaching the Called’ to be released in August


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