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Chat with Eric Walker and ACM Buddy Mix

November 26, 2022 Mel Golding
Facing Mel's Music
Chat with Eric Walker and ACM Buddy Mix
Facing Mel's Music
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Show Notes

Eric Walker featuring ACM Buddy Mix

Star Wars child star actor Eric Walker is in full throttle with his music career involving his lifelong friend ACM, Buddy Mix. ACM standing for Alpha Centauri Man, has teamed up with Eric to create original music with a twist of alien themes running throughout.

‘Chaos’, originally composed as ONE WORLD for Michael Jackson took a turn when it landed in the hands of lyricist and composer Buddy Mix. Now wrapped in an alien character, this track totally changed direction and thrives in its success today.

”Buddy ACM got a hold of it and flipped it!” – quotes Eric.

These wonderful artists talk about their song ‘Chaos’ as a beautiful energy in the world that embraces diversity and celebrates differences.

Eric Walker reflects on his time as a child star actor in Star Wars and what it was like being on set every day, “it was the hardest I worked”. A chat about children’s mental health led to conclusions about the style of care and dependency on parental support. Eric speaks of his dad with fondness, who sat with him every day and supported him yet always reminded Eric, “you’re going to be a nice guy for everybody”. Eric’s father is credited with a solid and loving environment, “it’s all about the upbringing,” says Eric.

Buddy Mix has a successful background in the theatre industry, responsible for writing the music for the musical A Little Meditation. Buddy received an award at the Hollywood Roosevelt Theatre for best music director from the NAACP Theatre Award Committee. Later, Buddy was invited to write another musical for Dragula and was awarded Best New Musical by The Los Angeles Theatre Festival. Buddy is working on a music video with Daddy Andre and is looking forward to making an album with Eric Walker.

This is an enlightening conversation with these two gentlemen as we tap into mental health and spirituality, the Laws of attraction, and the devotion needed to successfully pursue a career in the arts. 

Brand new single Chaos is out now!

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