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Chat with Hoss - Artist and Founder of Funktasy Records & Magazine

December 04, 2022 Mel Golding
Facing Mel's Music
Chat with Hoss - Artist and Founder of Funktasy Records & Magazine
Facing Mel's Music
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Show Notes


Artist and Founder of Funktasy Record Label & Magazine

Iranian-born Music Producer Hoss is both artist and founder of Funktasy Records & Magazine based in Ontario-Canada. Hoss’s journey into music is fascinating as he headed to Canada at the tender age of eleven and began his journey in music. Hoss gives us an insight into his entrance into the music industry from political, personal and cultural perspectives. His passion for music had Hoss search for instruments at a young age from the black market to pursue his passion. 

His label Funktasy, signs artists from various countries giving opportunity to those with low resources. He believes in giving artists a chance in the industry by delivering high-quality recordings and productions.

Humble and passionate about helping financially underprivileged artists, music for Hoss is about a “soul’s pleasure rather than financial rewards”.  He didn’t become the rockstar he aimed to be but found great passion in helping artists succeed.

Funktasy Magazine started as a blog and took off as a magazine with artists submitting demos. This company has been saturated ever since with brand-new artists, the latest articles and industry spotlights.

This conversation develops into mental health and how fashion ties in with music. Hoss gives an interesting perspective on musicians becoming the designers of fashion. 

The effects of social media on mental health are highlighted in this interview, along with the elements of survival.  

 Support and passion are indeed behind this admirable company Funktasy Records & Magazine.

Built from nothing but belief!


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