Facing Mel's Music

Chat with Swaddley and Dean - TV Show and Musicians

December 10, 2022 Mel Golding
Facing Mel's Music
Chat with Swaddley and Dean - TV Show and Musicians
Facing Mel's Music
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Show Notes

TV Show

A fantastic duo comprising two wonderful and successful artists who both excel as musicians in their own right. Between them, they take the roles of singers, songwriters and producers, creating quality music and content to be enjoyed by the family. Together, Swaddley & Dean have created a TV show for children with a strong appeal to adults as lyrics cleverly tap into inner child content.

Drawing from their musical inspirations, The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, these videos are lively, bright, educational and emotionally intelligent, guaranteed to entertain and inform.

Swaddley and Dean have carefully crafted their songs, paying attention to the diphthong, the phrase and the rhyming and have been described as extremely precise. These two musicians have spent time on the details and taken the project seriously to ensure that messages are perceived by the public as accurately as they were conveyed.

You can hear snippets in this podcast!

ULTRA SWADDLEY & DEAN are the adult version of this outfit. Explicitly aimed at adults, they are to release their single on the 16th of December, ‘Are You Worried’. These professionals play their single for us here in a live acoustic version as they pick up the guitar and perform it here in this show. A real treat!

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